Website Health Check — Key phrase Mistakes — Component 1.

Website Health Check provides a report on the Elements of a website. Keyword is among the most important components. Let’s start with this. Keywords are the beginning point of Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ). Thus, whenever you make a mistake with all the key words, your entire optimization procedure becomes a waste of time. Here are a few of the prominent blunders performed in search-engine optimization processes.

Blunder 1: Struggling to do keyword research
People without Search Engine Optimization knowledge tend to perform this error. Keyword research is the first lesson for a beginner in SEO. Keyword study, as its name suggests, is a research on probable words and can help one to weed out ones that wouldn’t suit you with regard to high competition or very low search volume (two factors to consider if you would like a good position in the search results). If you have key words without doing keyword research, it’s possible that the words may not be useful with regard to SEO.

Blunder 2: Maybe not knowing if the website has keywords
The next blunder generally found on many sites is they don’t add their key words in the site. To find whether a webpage on your website has any keywords, you can see the page source. To look at the source, click on the”View” button in the Menu bar and from the menu that pops up, click on”Page Source”. In the new window, then attempt to discover the word”key words” from the Meta tag. website health check If you find it accompanied by a listing of different words worried with your website, then you have key words on your site. If not, you should think about adding them. If your site doesn’t have the keywords then it will not be correctly recorded by the search engines.

Blunder 3: Low number of Keywords
OK, you have the keywords in the website. The next most frequent blunder discovered is that the sites occasionally have reduced number of keywords for it to make any impact. For example, in case you have a website based on sneakers and you’ve got just one keyword mentioned (shoes), then you’ll find tens of thousands of competitors and millions of web pages which goal to get listed by search engines for the exact same keyword. The competition is just too high. Hence, you have to get a minimum of four key words that describe the site and its contents. So that even in the event that you lose to a competitors on one of the key words, the additional keywords might allow you to get a good position in the search pages. Do a keyword research and get more key words.

Blunder 4: Too many key words
If the search engines have been fed many keywords, then the website will be listed under a lot of keywords and the focus is going to be thinned out. Hence, to concentrate on your keyword research and relevant optimization processes, you are going to need to have a max of 20. These can be taken by the search engines and the website indexed accordingly.

There are various websites that provide tools for discovering these blunders in a web site. Some sites even give you a whole Website Health Check where these and a number of other on-page components are assessed and hints are given.
If, in the Website Health Check, you encounter any mistakes which you need to rectify, you can ask your website administrator to do the job. If you want a Search Engine Optimization strategy to these criteria, get the aid of an SEO firm as they are more experienced in the optimization procedure.

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